A day

Authentic and Intimate Family Photography Series To capture "A day in your life" I will spend some quality time with you getting to know the essence of your family energy Sessions range from 5 to 9 hours resulting in a family album that you will cherish for ever. The series are shot in a documentary style capturing the day to day moments of your life. Tailored to feature spontaneous, candid photographs with the option of incorporating some personalised directed photography in a 30 minutes sunset session.  
Through these photography sessions I intend to expose a slice of your life where nothing is staged. Showcasing the real and raw moments of family life where you don't have to apologise for the mess!

Below is an example of a day in the life I recently shot with the Splangers family. These incredibly happy but busy parents were blessed with triplets and I was privileged enough to document a day of their Fiji holiday in the very lush little town of Savusavu. 

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